Warrant of Fitness – (WOF) Manukau

A Warrant of Fitness (WoF) is a health check for your car that certifies whether it meets New Zealand safety standards. Quattro Auto takes pride in being your trusted destination for Warranty of Fitness (WoF) inspections in Manukau. Our experienced and qualified technicians are dedicated to ensuring the safety and roadworthiness of your vehicle, providing thorough and reliable WoF inspections. We understand the importance of a valid WoF for your peace of mind and compliance with New Zealand's regulations.

Our team is committed to making the WoF inspection process as seamless as possible for our customers in Manukau. With Quattro Auto, you can expect efficient and timely services, reducing any inconvenience associated with the inspection. We take the time to thoroughly inspect every aspect of your vehicle, addressing any issues promptly and providing expert advice on maintenance and repairs if needed.

WOF & Vehicle Inspections

Your car requires a current warranty of fitness. Quattro Auto has a specialist WoF Manukau to ensure a reliable service performed promptly to industry requirements. If we diagnose any safety or simple maintenance issues during the WoF inspection, we’ll let you know the best path forward. Drive with confidence, knowing that your vehicle has received the attention it deserves at Quattro Auto.

When a warning light appears on the dashboard, it may indicate something small or the vehicle needs urgent attention.

"Martin Flood came in the other day with his Ford Mondeo and his vehicles SRS light (airbag light) was flashing. After fitting our diagnostic computer, we found the fault located under the driver seat. We found that his kids small shoe was lodged under the seat and disconnected the wiring. This was an easy fix. BUT when Mr Chong came in with his Audi A4, he was not so lucky. He needed wiring and sensor repair on the passanger front seat as his sensor has failed due to wear and tear."

Quattro Auto recommends to have fault indicators checked immediately.

When something fails, the cause can be just about anything.

"Dr. Wright came in with his Holden Vectra (yes, we do work on other model cars than European) and his front indicators were not working. Testing the wiring, we found that a rodent had made a meal on his wiring system. So quickly we carried out the repairs to keep the doctor safe on the road. Our Manukau mechanics will ensure the job is done quickly, saving you money while keeping your car on the road.

Quattro Auto undertakes any vehicle repair.

  • Brake Systems
  • Engines not starting
  • Cam belts and fan belt replacement
  • Electrical problems
  • Onboard computer diagnostics
  • Transmission overhaul
  • Power Steering systems
  • Suspension Systems
  • Engine overhaul
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